A Speedies Core Cut - Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Service

For the small jobs and large jobs in drilling and concrete cutting, we at A Speedies Core Cut - Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Service have the industry knowledge and the tools to provide professional grinding services in Sydney. Our range of core drilling specialists services covers all forms of assignments in the construction industry.

We provide affordable concrete cutting service for those difficult jobs, concrete sawing for walls and floors and diamond cutting. For a quiet, clean, and precise concrete removal service you eventually might be interested in our crunching and hydraulic bursting which is the most advanced up gradation in demolition.

Our concrete core cutting services can exclusively drill through fortified concrete brick and block to any depth and even within cramped spaces. Our concrete cutting and coring services utilize the advanced diamond drilling equipment to drill.

Concrete coring is the appropriate solution to offer a cylindrical sample for concrete testing allowing checks for probable deterioration and appropriateness for further services.We only utilize the advanced low impact, environmentally friendly tool, and our work exceed the quality required by our valued clients in Sydney.

With years of industry knowledge and experience, we are the quality contractors you can exclusively rely on. This proves our commitment to working within the industry standards. So for sawing and drilling services in the Sydney areas call us today!.


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Core Drilling Services
Core drilling services

Virtually silent and quick, our core drilling is the most environmentally adequate way of making an opening in any sort of structure. Our core drilling rigs have a depth up to 900 to 1000mm diameter, can be functioned automatically or manually for greater effectiveness. With dust and water control attachments they can be utilized where … Continue reading Core drilling services

Wall And Floor Sawing
Wall And Floor Sawing

We provide a range of wall and floor saws to exclusively shelter most client needs and cutting depths.Wall and floor Saws used for scathing vertical floors and asphalt are either exclusively self-propelled or manual travel functioned by the professionals and powered either by Petrol, Diesel, and Electric. We are able to cut to a depth … Continue reading Wall And Floor Sawing

Diamond Tip Sawing
Diamond Tip Sawing

Diamond tip sawing exclusively provides a precise straight line process of cutting openings in masonry and concrete. The method is exclusively powered by 3 phase electricity. This process is typically utilized for cutting windows, doorways, forming lift-shaft openings and reducing wall heights. Our array of saws is capable of eventually cutting through concrete to an … Continue reading Diamond Tip Sawing

About Us

We have the Sydney’s largest branch professionals with an unrivaled unit of concrete sawing specialists using the advanced equipment in sawing and drilling technology all within an hour of your site.

All our professional are experienced and industry standard approved. We are fully committed to our local workforce throughout the Sydney. Our unit is exclusively trained in-house fr providing wide range of professional services in the form of reliable concrete cutting, drilling holes and more. Our professionals pride themselves on an expert and flexible approach to assure that your service is finished within budget and on time.

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A Speedies Core Cut - Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Service

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